About Fighting For Charity

Since 2013, Fighting For Charity has raised over £220,000 for charity from our boxing events. We work transparently with charities and sponsors who play a large part in the events delivering speeches, presenting trophies, and fundraising.

Our aim is to promote the awareness of the charity’s cause along with raising funds. Organisations and foundations we have worked with include Prostate Cancer UK, The Movember Foundation, The Royal Marsden, Mind, Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Research, Action Aid, the School Of Hard Knocks and The Charlie Watkins Foundation.

Our events are have been paralleled with professional shows from both an entertainment and production perspective allowing our boxers to feel like champions for the night.

How We Work

Fighting For Charity produces shows for charities and works on a consultancy basis for clients and their nominated charities.

Fundraising operates in a transparent manner via established platforms which are open to publicly view. All stakeholders receive regular updates on money raising totals.



Fund Raising

Both Fighting for Charity and each boxer have a personalised donation page where sponsorship donations can be made. Boxers are required to raise a minimum of £250. Please see a list below of several fundraising platforms from our events.






The Boxing

How much experience is needed?

Some boxers come to us with little or no experience. We can have contenders ready in as little as 3 months as our professional, qualified coaches have years of experience in training amateurs and professionals. We have a syllabus in place that enables fighters to learn efficiently, effectively and in a safe environment. Training camps typically run over a 12 week period.

What does the training involve?

We assess a boxer’s eligibility to fight when the sparring classes start. This is typically 8 weeks prior to the event at which point we will also seek suitable opponents. We match people based on weight and experience. Safety is paramount so, while we work as hard as possible to find a good match, we never guarantee our boxers a bout in case a suitable opponent cannot be found. Once matches have been identified, we ensure competitors spar with their opponent several times before fight night. This helps build confidence and limits the possibility of a mismatched fight.


On fight night, all boxers are required to have a medical examination conducted by a registered General Practitioner (GP). The GP also sits ringside throughout the fights along with two paramedics. The referee is always thoroughly briefed on the individual fighter and fights where more precaution is used with first-time boxers. Of course contact sports carry an element of risk but we do everything we can to limit this risk as far as possible.

Health and Safety

Safety is our utmost priority. Sparring is permitted only when we think boxers are ready. We employ a graduated approach which begins with light-touch rounds and progresses to heavier sparring as confidence and skill develops. Boxers use 16oz sparring gloves and are required to wear a head guard, gum shield and groin guard. This applies for training and fight night. All equipment is vetted by the referee prior to the bouts.

Safety is paramount at Fighting For Charity both during training and at our events. Sparring takes place within a team environment where all participants train together. All boxers will have sparred with their opponent before the night. Boxing is a full-contact sport and injury can never be ruled out. This is why we ensure sparring classes meet high standards with protective equipment.

Our events now employ a medical team way beyond what is required for White Collar boxing shows. This consists of four paramedics, two ambulances, a GP and a specialised A&E doctor who can assist in the unlikely event of a trauma.

We require all of our boxers to take out individual insurance policies through a specialist insurance firm. Fighting For Charity holds its own policy to cover all of our events.

Risk assessments are carried out for each event to ensuring everything is done to maintain the health and safety of the boxers and the guests that attend the shows.